Meet Calle y Poché, the Colombian YouTubers Championing LGBTQ Visibility

The pair have amassed more than 7 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

With 4.1 million followers on TikTok, 5.2 million followers on Instagram and 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube, it’s no stretch to say that Daniela Calle y María José Garzón, better known collectively as Calle y Poché, are two of Latin America’s most in-demand social media influencers today. 

The Colombian pair, who first began vlogging together back in 2015, have slowly amassed an enviable fan base who watch every one of their new videos which, as they promise every time, offer something quite different. 

Moreover, the real-life couple have pitched themselves as part of a new generation of up and coming online thought leaders, a new kind of influencer/vlogger who leverages brand collaborations and sponsorships to support a more inclusive vision of the world.

Coming out 

When, in a 2017 video that asked "Somos novias?" (Are we girlfriends?) the two BFFs answered the question the two had been fielding from fans for far too long, the young vloggers offered a rather nuanced example of what it means to come out (to others and to yourself) as bisexual. Retelling their own journey as to how they went from liking only boys and eventually falling for one another, Calle y Poché began setting forth some much needed representation within the LGBTQ community.

It’s an endeavor they’ve since embraced in earnest. In 2019 the couple co-hosted the MTV Millennial Awards (MIAW) along with Mexican superstar Luis Gerardo Méndez. The pair didn’t waste their then biggest platform to date. During one of the buzziest moments of the night the two showed off just how much they’re into one another with a steamy kiss that made even Méndez blush.


There's perhaps no better proof that Calle y Poché have become icons in their own right than the fact that they have a devoted fanbase. Their candid on-screen personalities — equally goofy and stylish, high-fashion and DIY — have endeared them to millions of viewers who find in their (very public) relationship an aspirational idea of what same-sex intimacy can look like in the 21st century.

Cachers, as they’re known, not only like, follow and engage with Calle y Poché’s content (and attend their live events) but even have gone so far as to write fanfic about their lives.

Preach love, not hate

Calle y Poché’s most watched YouTube video is titled “ROAST YOURSELF CHALLENGE.” The music video, off of a song co-written by the pair, was a way to playfully clapback to their haters and the many negative comments the couple had been receiving for years (everything from nitpicking their makeup skills to questioning the authenticity of their romantic involvement). 

Such a response captures what makes the glossily packaged earnestness at the heart of Calle y Poché’s entire brand so alluring for millions across the globe. Theirs is not a world that wishes away such negativity but which combats it with self-empowering imagery.

Yes, if it’s with you

In addition to their growing YouTube fame, the ambitious pair has already made clear they’re not content with merely churning out videos as a way to spread their story and their message. Their YouTube channel, for instance, is a hodge podge of everything from makeup tutorials and styling tricks to Q&As and baking mishaps. They’ve never been ones to stick to any one thing.

In that spirit, the two released their very first book, Sí, si es contigo (Yes, If It's With You) back in April 2019. Mirroring their own story, the epistolary novel tells the tale of two YouTubers who fall in love with one another and slowly become successful vloggers together.


No talk of Calle y Poché would be complete without mention of their very photogenic pug, Ramón. The adorable pup has his own Instagram where he's often found staring out the window, playing with toys and otherwise knowing exactly how to find his best angle for a great pic to make his dog moms proud.



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