Meet Chris Evans' 'Long-Term Partner': His Adorable Dog Dodger! (Exclusive)

The 'Grey Man' star opened up to ET about his furry best friend and why he's a great 'set mascot.'

Man's best friend! For Chris Evans, his adorable Boxer-mix puppy Dodger is as close a pal as they come!

The Grey Man star recently spoke with ET's Cassie DiLaura and introduced the world to his sweet canine companion as part of his partnership with the dog nutrition brand Jinx.

"He does come to set and he's a social butterfly," Evans said of Dodger. "He loves coming to set, it's like his favorite thing, 'cause everyone loves him."

"He knows when we're in that trailer that, any minute, we're going to go on a big walk and make the rounds and say hello to every single person, probably get a lot of treats," he added. "He's a real good set mascot."

Evans also played coy about a comment he recently made in which he said he was "laser-focused" on finding a romantic partner. When asked about the remark, and how Dodger feels about his efforts, Evans smiled and joked, "I'm not quite sure, right now he's been my long-term partner."

Recently, Evans has been working with Jinx -- which has entered the dog nutrition market with a line of dog food, treats and other health-promotion products -- and he says she's excited to be a part it.

"It's nice when you can partner up with people who have shared passions and kind of a similar love," Evans said of the company. "They are all rescue dog owners themselves, and on top of it the product is just so good. I mean, really, I’ve read so many independent reviews of what goes into this food, so it like, why wouldn’t I do this?"

While Evans is happy to help spread the word about Jinx, the star says he's not really ready for Dodger to become any sort of spokes-dog anytime soon.

"Then he would become a diva," Evans joked. "I’ll keep him an East Coast dog, keep him away from those bright lights [of Hollywood] for now."