Meet 'The Willoughbys' in This Sneak Peek at Netflix's New Animated Movie (Exclusive)

"This family's story is weird," says the talking cat voiced by Ricky Gervais.

"This family's story is weird."

So says The Cat, the talking feline voiced by Ricky Gervais who narrates Netflix's The Willoughbys. ET is exclusively debuting a clip from the film -- an animated spin on Lois Lowry's beloved children's book -- which makes your acquaintance with the titular old-fashioned, red-headed, weird brood.

"When I say old-fashioned, I mean they go back a long way," explains The Cat. "A family legacy of tradition, invention, creativity and courage, their greatness passed down like their magnificent facial hair from generation to generation to generation."

This particular story revolves around the youngest Willoughbys, Tim (Will Forte), sister Jane (Alessia Cara) and twin brothers the Barnabys (Seán Cullen). "They're creepy," The Cat insists. Convinced they would be better off raising themselves, the children hatch a plan to rid themselves of their parents and set out on an adventure of a lifetime. Watch the clip above.


The Willoughbys lands on Netflix on April 22.