Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Reconciling Is 'Wishful Thinking,' 'Finding Freedom' Author Says (Exclusive)

Omid Scobie spoke with ET about the rumors that the duchesses are mending fences.

Don't expect a Fab Four reunion or reconciliation anytime soon. With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry living in California and Kate Middleton and Prince William back in England, the Sussexes and the Cambridges are more distanced than ever, Finding Freedom co-author Omid Scobie tells ET's Nischelle Turner. 

Despite claims that Meghan and Kate might be the ones to mend the fence between the two brothers, Scobie says this is simply "wishful thinking." 

"I think it's wishful thinking when we see people say that Meghan and Kate are going to work on a Netflix project together or they're talking on the phone," Scobie tells ET. "I even read a story about how they're Zooming whilst making cakes or something, quite recently." 

Scobie doesn't think it's ill-will between the duchesses, but rather the simple matter of the women following the example of their husbands. 

"Unfortunately, they follow the lead set by the brothers. The brothers aren't talking, there really isn't much communication between either side altogether," Scobie shares. "Although there was never really a feud between the duchesses, there was some distance. They were never able to get as close as possible."


As for whether there will ever be a return of the "Fab Four" as the group was previously dubbed, Scobie doesn't hold out much hope. 

"The Fab Four was always destined to fail because neither of them were equals," he explains, referencing William and Harry's different rankings within the royal family. "These weren't four family members all on the same level, carrying out work together. It was kind of a Diana Ross and the Supremes situation."

Scobie adds that Harry and Meghan had to "contend" with the reality that they were lower in the hierarchy of the Firm, despite wanting to take on more responsibility within the institution prior to their departure. 

"They wanted to do just as much as the Cambridges. They wanted to be just as front and center as William and Kate were and, of course, public appetite was there for it, but the institution is very quick to remind you that you are in that position," he says. "Harry is number six in line to the throne and must always remember that as he carries out that work. It means that he can never overshadow his brother." 

Finding Freedom in paperback with added epilogue is out Aug. 31. 


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