Meghan Markle Personally Calls British Politician to Thank Her for Orchestrating Letter of 'Solidarity'

The Duchess of Sussex thanked the British female MP for supporting her amid media scrutiny.

Meghan Markle has found solidarity with female members of Parliament in the United Kingdom. The 38-year-old Duchess of Sussex has been the topic of public and media scrutiny recently and has opened up about her struggles in the documentary special Harry & Meghan: An African Journey

Earlier this week, female MPs wrote a letter to Prince Harry's wife, writing, "As women MPs of all political persuasions, we wanted to express our solidarity with you in taking a stand against the often distasteful and misleading nature of the stories printed in a number of our national newspapers concerning you, your character, and your family." 

The letter also called out "outdated, colonial undertones" in some of the pieces about Markle. 

They concluded the letter by adding, "We will use the means at our disposal to ensure that our press accept your right to privacy and show respect, and that their stories reflect the truth." 

In a new interview, MP Holly Lynch, who organized the letter, revealed that Markle called her Wednesday morning after the showing of solidarity. 

"She was calling to thank myself and other women MP for standing with her," Lynch noted, adding, "As a fairly new mom myself, the challenges of being in the public eye, managing childcare, managing public responsibilities can all be a challenge, so we did discuss that. But yeah, we were quite happy to stand with her and recognize that what she's going through has on occasion had xenophobic undertones. We're not happy about that."

Lynch added that she felt some of the pieces had racist undertones and that the general mood was unwelcoming to the Duchess. 

"I've been really concerned about some of the narratives, some of the articles that have been incredibly sexist but also that she's not from this country, she's from elsewhere and we're not happy about that," Lynch said. "I'm afraid that's unacceptable in this day and age. She's here, she's married our prince, they've got a young son. We really want to welcome her to our society and I'm afraid not all of the articles in our national press, and it's time that stops."

Harry and Meghan recently filed a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers -- owners of the Daily Mail, MailOnline, Metro and more -- after the Mail on Sunday published a handwritten letter that Meghan wrote to her estranged father, Thomas Markle.

Meghan opened up in the recent documentary special about the press scrutiny she has faced since marrying into the Royal family and giving birth to son Archie this past May. For more, watch the clip below: