Meghan Markle's Dad Says He Hasn't Spoken to Royal Family Since His TV Interview

Thomas Markle is not thrilled at the idea that Queen Elizabeth II has not met with him yet.

Thomas Markle fears he's in the "penalty box" with the royal family following a TV appearance last week.

Meghan Markle's dad told TMZ that he hasn't spoken to any members of the royal family — including his daughter — since his paid interview with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain.

Thomas — who has yet to meet his new son-in-law, Prince Harry — said that he's especially peeved by the perceived cold shoulder from Queen Elizabeth II after hearing of the monarch's plans to meet President Donald Trump.

"If the Queen is willing to meet our arrogant and insensitive president she has no excuse not to meet me," Thomas, 73, told TMZ of the president's scheduled visit to the U.K. next month. "I’m nowhere near as bad."

This isn't the first time Thomas has discussed his opinions about Trump. During his interview on Good Morning Britain,  he not only discussed missing his daughter's wedding due to heart surgery, but also says that he spoke to Harry on the phone. It was during this alleged conversation that Thomas claims the 33-year-old royal urged him to give the U.S. administration "a chance" after Thomas discussed his grievances with the president. 

Thomas also told the morning show hosts that Harry, 33, and Meghan, 36, gave him advice regarding the press.

"For the most part it was always, 'Don’t speak to the press.' The rest of the things were, 'Just be careful,'" he said. "But they were very emphatic about not giving information to the press because it just encourages them more."

Last week, a source told ET that the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn't know about Thomas' TV appearance.

"It came as a surprise. They were not given advanced warning," the source revealed. "They understand he has been harassed by the paparazzi 24/7 but it’s hard for them to accept his apology when he’s again taking cash."

The source continued: "Meghan loves her father deeply and Harry and Meghan have tried to offer him support and guidance adjusting to the media attention. But the relationship is fractured and it will be interesting to see where they go from here." 

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