Meghan McCain Breaks Down Crying During First Day of Co-Hosting 'The View,' Talks About Her Dad's Cancer

Senator John McCain's daughter had to hold her co-host's hand as she opened up about her father's health issues.

Meghan McCain had an emotional first day at work.

The 32-year-old political contributor joined the women of The View on Monday as the newest co-host, and had to hold Sunny Hostin's hand when the subject turned to the health issues that her father, Sen. John McCain, is facing.

Meghan started to tear up when talking about her dad's stage 4 brain cancer. "I can't believe I'm freaking crying already," she said. "When you hear cancer, a nuclear bomb goes off in your life. No matter who you are. I didn't realize how intense and disruptive and scary and hopeless and chaotic you would feel all day long."

The new co-host then vowed to make it her life's mission to find a cure for cancer, in particular the one that has plagued her father. 

Meanwhile, Senator McCain was watching Meghan's first day on The View and proudly tweeted his support. "Congratulations @MeghanMcCain on your first day on @TheView," he wrote. "Our family couldn't be prouder of all that you continue to accomplish."

Whoopi Goldberg seemed thrilled to have Meghan joining the morning talk show, and the feeling was mutual. Meghan referred to the host as the "first lady" of the program and called her a mentor and inspiration to women.

Meghan, a Republican, also joked with Joy Behar that she doesn't think they will "agree on anything."

Before cutting to commercial, Goldberg had a message for Meghan's parents, saying into the camera, "We got her. I just want you and Cindy to know she's in good hands here."

Bravo's Andy Cohen also showed his support for the new co-host of The View, tweeting during the show: "This is great casting. I'm excited to watch. Very cool."

Meghan responded: "Thank you so much @Andy - really appreciate it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Meghan's first day comes less than a month after Jedediah Bila exited the program after serving as the conservative voice on the panel for a year. 

Goldberg spoke with ET about all the hiring and firing rumors that often swirl around The View. Check out our exclusive interview: