Meghan McCain Calls Out People 'Triggered by My Body'

The 37-year-old conservative personality is not interested in the negative comments.

Meghan McCain is not here for the body haters! The 37-year-old former View co-host took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out people still publicly commenting on her figure. 

"It continues to be bizarre to me so many pundits and comedians with big platforms are so triggered by my body and spend so much time and energy talking about it," she tweeted. "And it's multiple people."

The mother of 1-year-old daughter Liberty added, "Teenage girls are literally killing themselves over our toxic culture towards women bodies."

McCain has spoken up for herself countless times in the past. In October 2021, she spoke with ET about her decision to leave The View last year, saying a lot of it had to do with media scrutiny and leaks. 

"I could deal with host drama all day long. To me, the thing that started having an impact on my mental and emotional health was the constant -- and it became constant, like, absolute constant -- leaking from the show," she shared. 

Noting that she never intends to return to the chair, McCain added, "I think leaving on my own terms was really important to me, and leaving my way and not being sucked into the paranoia of not knowing when your last show is. I really feel like it was a liberating experience."

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