Meghan McCain Claims She's Being Urged to Take Ozempic for Weight Loss Weeks After Giving Birth

The former 'View' co-host gave birth to her second child one month ago.

Meghan McCain is passing on a popular weight loss shot. In a new column for, the 38-year-old conservative pundit claims she's being "urged" to take Ozempic just one month after welcoming her second child.

As McCain explains in her column, Ozempic has been prescribed to people with diabetes to help control blood sugar. More recently, it's made headlines for its weight loss effect. 

"I understand some people legitimately struggle with obesity and need Ozempic. But I am not one of those people. Which is why I have been really astonished by how many, from casual friends to industry acquaintances, have brought it up with me," McCain writes. "I'm told 'everyone is doing it,' as if that was ever a compelling case. I hear 'just take the shot', as it has become known in shorthand. I was even offered a black-market freebie by someone with 'extra shots at home.'"

McCain, though, says she has rejected all offers for the drug, writing, "I'm not taking it. I refuse."

"There's a clear moral issue here," she writes. "It's hard to take a drug because swimsuit season is around the corner, while others need it to stay alive."

For McCain, "there simply is not enough research to make me feel comfortable reaching for the syringe," she claims. 

The daughter of the late John McCain, who shares Clover, 1 month, and Liberty, 2, with her husband, Ben Domenech, writes that she's "concerned... about Big Pharma capitalizing off culture's fat phobia."

"Our culture has made incredible strides towards body-type acceptance over the past few decades. And this celebration of Ozempic threatens all of that," she writes. "I am realistic about how long it takes to have your body feel normal again post-baby. So, don't rush me!"

"As a new mother, I also have a responsibility to set an example for my daughters, who will one day face the same beauty standards," McCain continues. "Their world will only be more challenging as social media seeps more deeply into the American mind. This is not the world I want for them and not the world I want for myself."

At the end of the day, McCain explains, "I would rather have a few extra pounds than shoot myself up with medicine. There ain't nothing worth having that is easy to get. And that goes for my health and the health of my girls."

Last month, McCain announced the arrival of her second child, writing on her Instagram Story at the time, "We are all feeling blissed out happy, healthy and exhausted!"