Meghan McCain Says Our Culture Is 'Deeply Toxic for Women' After Negative Article

The 'View' co-host blasted the article as 'garbage.'

Meghan McCain is speaking out about society's treatment of women. The 35-year-old View co-host took to Instagram on Monday to share a screenshot of a negative article about herself titled, "The View Sets Return Date, Fans Excited for Comeback, But Not for Meghan McCain."

"I don’t normally comment on garbage written but this is an example why our culture is so deeply toxic for women - no man would EVER have this kind of a headline written who cohosts the #1 talk show in America that just won an Emmy for best show," McCain began her lengthy post. "Do better, be better, lift women up instead of tearing strong ones down." 

"We are punished for being tough, opinionated and not backing down while men are celebrated for it. You want to know why we still don’t have a woman president although it’s WELL past time? Because we raise women to be strong, independent, smart, empowered and to speak their mind and then turn around and viciously punish them once they do," she continued. "And then subsequently proceed to demand they be more 'likable,' 'warm,' 'softer,' 'smile more,' 'be non threatening' blah blah blah. Well f**k that."

McCain noted that her post was not about herself, but rather "the women coming up in this industry after me."

"We should be further along than this, we should celebrate women with differences of opinions and guts and grit. But instead - I’m supposed to feel embarrassment?" she questioned. "Well I don’t - and I love the show's audience who have always been very kind to me, even when they disagree with my politics."

While the negativity surrounding McCain is certainly a challenge for the TV personality, she shared that she wouldn't want to change her outspoken nature.

"I know what kind of life and career I could have had if I just smiled and never tackled anything controversial and stuck to safe and non threatening topics. I could never. It would bore me. I would be unfulfilled," she explained. "I’m just not that kind of woman and it is quite frankly not the kind of woman my mother and grandmother (who are both true powerhouses) set the example of who I wanted to become."

Though McCain is known for her Republican view points, she noted that "women of all sides and political persuasions need to be speaking louder and using their voices more, NOT less!"

"There’s so many more cracks in the ceiling women are owed and I for one am sick of us not being where I thought we would be in the year 2020," she wrote, before apologizing for her "soapbox rant."

"But forgive me the world is on fire, I am 8 months pregnant and like most Americans am heartbroken at the state of our country (on all levels including the absolutely unrelenting toxicity aimed towards women in the media and politics with no other agenda other than to tear them down)," she concluded. "Also, I will see you back on the show the 8th."

The View is set to return to premiere its 24th season Sept. 8 on ABC.



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