Meghan Trainor Details Sex Life Struggles With Husband Daryl Sabara

Trainor got candid about the couple's sex life on her podcast, 'Workin' On It.'

Meghan Trainor is not holding back when it comes to the details of her and husband Daryl Sabara's sex life.

On a new episode of her Workin' On It podcast, Trainor and her older brother, Ryan, spoke with Trisha Paytas about motherhood, sex and more. Seeking advice from the OnlyFans star, Trainor shared that sometimes intercourse can be "painful" with her "big boy" husband.

"I couldn't have sex at all in the first pregnancy," Trainor told Paytas. "My husband's a big boy."

"Yours is little and his is big? Is that's what's happening?" Paytas asked.

"Yes!" Trainor screamed. "To the point where I’m like, 'Is it all in?' and he's like, 'Just the tip.'"

She continued, "And I'm like, 'I can't do any more.' How do I fix that?"

Trainor said that she would make Sabara smaller if she could, to make intercourse more enjoyable for the pair.

Things got so painful in fact while the couple was trying for baby No. 2, that Trainor said she had to "ice herself" afterward.

"I thought that every woman walking around was always in pain during and after sex," she shared after revealing that a doctor diagnosed her with vaginismus, defined by the National Health Service as "the body's automatic reaction to the fear of some or all types of vaginal penetration."

Trainor continued, "I was like, 'Doc, are you telling me that I could have sex and not feel a single bit of pain?' She was like, 'Yes.'"

The "Mother" singer said that she's been turning to different methods to battle the problem, including "transcendental meditation," though she admitted it often puts her to sleep.

Trainor, who back in January shared that she and Sabara are expecting their second child, revealed the sex of the baby during Tuesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, where she was joined by her husband.

The singer said she and Sabara wanted to keep up tradition by revealing the sex of their baby on the show, after announcing the sex of their son Riley, now 2, on Clarkson's show three years prior.

At first, Clarkson summoned the "voice of God," but the couple and the host decided they should leave it up to big brother Riley.

Riley proudly shouted, "It's a boy," following a countdown.

Trainor and the Spy Kids alum welcomed Riley in February 2021. The pair began dating in 2016 after meeting two years prior, and got engaged in 2017. Trainor and Sabara would go on to get married the following year.

For more on the pop star, check out the video below.