Megyn Kelly Not Expected to Replace Matt Lauer on 'Today' -- Here's Who Might

A source at NBC tells ET that "it's been a rough week for everyone" at the morning show.

The Today show is already looking into who will replace Matt Lauer after he was fired from the morning show earlier this week over allegations of "inappropriate sexual behavior."

While there have been rumblings that Megyn Kelly would be taking over for the 59-year-old newsman on the first two hours of Today, several sources tell ET that this is not the case. However, NBC does have a replacement in mind.

"The network likes Megyn in her current role," one source noted. "The rumor around the Today show offices is that Willie Geist could be the one to replace Matt."

Geist, 42, has filled in for Lauer on the program in the past, and currently hosts his own weekend show, Sunday Today. 

<sup><em>Matt Lauer, Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist attend the 54th New York Film Festival</em> Jackie<em>&nbsp;screening intro and Q&amp;A at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on Oct. 13, 2016 in New York City.</em></sup> - Getty Images

Following Lauer's ousting from Today after 20 years of co-anchoring the morning show, another source at NBC tells ET, "It is really clear that we need to change the way we do our day-to-day work and figure out our priorities."

The source adds, "It’s been a rough week for everyone."

Kelly has not shied away from reporting about Lauer's termination on Megyn Kelly Today, and has even encouraged the women accusing him of sexual misconduct to tell their story on her show. 

"As hard as it is to report on one of our own colleagues, we remain committed to telling peoples’ stories if they choose to come forward," Kelly said of NBC breaking the news about the journalist. "The women in this case too, the Matt Lauer case, are invited and welcome to do exactly that on this show. We have been that place on all the other cases and we will be that place, as well as for the accused."

Meanwhile, Lauer's other former colleague, Savannah Guthrie, has apparently been "affected the most" by the news, a source told ET. 

"She’s not herself. She’s visibly shaken," the source said, explaining that around the studio on Thursday morning, Guthrie appeared "sad, in deep thought and preoccupied" off-camera. "She is doing her best to stay upbeat and jolly on-air." 

Here's a look at how other hosts at the Today show are coping with the news: 

Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.