Mel B Says She Wrote the Rap Lyrics to Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' While on the Toilet

Mel B at America's Got Talent - August 2017
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

You never know when inspiration will strike.

Mel B paid a visit to the Today show as the fourth hour co-host on Wednesday, where she revealed that she wrote the rap portion of the Spice Girls’ mega-hit single, “Wannabe,” while she was busy – on the toilet.

“Took me, like, eight minutes to write it,” she confessed to Hoda Kotb on the air. “Imagine being with five girls. We all have our own opinions… Every song that we write we have a focus-point topic, so this song was all about supporting each other and if you have a boyfriend, that’s got to be approved by their friends. And I was like, ‘Hold it a minute… I want to go off to the toilet and write a quick rap.’ I made a little tinkle and was writing and I came up with that.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

The America’s Got Talent judge also confirmed that she and the rest of the members of the girl group are indeed going to be performing together soon.

She shared the exciting news when asked if she ever got tired of the hectic world of the Spice Girls. “Never! I’m the only one that can say, ‘We’re gonna be performing,’ which we are gonna be performing.” Unsurprisingly, a celebratory cry broke out in the studio.

“Finally, they’ve got it together,” Mel B added. “Yes, we’re gonna be doing performances together for sure.”

For more on Mel B, watch the video below.


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