Michael B. Jordan Shares One Thing 'A Lot of People Don't Know' About Girlfriend Lori Harvey (Exclusive) 

The actor also opens up about his new movie, 'Tom Clancy's Without Remorse.'

The sexiest thing to Michael B. Jordan is a sense of humor -- and his girlfriend, Lori Harvey, has just that. 

Only ET's Nischelle Turner was with the actor helping deliver fresh groceries and meals to unhoused veterans across L.A. in partnership with Village for Vets. Along the way, Jordan opened up about giving back, his new movie, Tom Clancy's Without Remorse, and his new girlfriend. 

"I think a sense of humor, I think the ability to laugh -- that infectious feeling, I think is really, really sexy," he revealed. "A nice smile and a laugh and a sense of humor is really sexy to me." 

"[Harvey has] all of those things. Yeah, she's very funny. A lot of people don't know that about her," Jordan added. "She's very funny." 

The actor first sparked romance rumors with Harvey in November, before making their relationship public in January. Shortly after they posted photos of each other on social media, a source told ET that Jordan and Harvey had actually been dating for several months after a years-long friendship.

Jordan usually keeps his personal life pretty private, but said that after making things public with Harvey, people have seen a change in him. 

"I never thought I was so lonely before," he said, noting his inner circle has also gushed about how happy he is with Harvey. "I'm glad you're seeing me happy." 

And in addition to a sense of humor, Harvey also offers a "pair of fresh eyes" on Jordan's projects, like Tom Clancy's Without Remorse. The action thriller -- a spinoff of Jack Ryan -- stars Jordan as John Clark, a Navy SEAL who uncovers an international conspiracy while seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife. 

"[This is] the making of John Clark. And to be able to give that a modern take where that represents the world that we live in, it means a lot," Jordan shared. "Growing up, playing the video games... envisioning yourself going through the missions to actually doing it and doing my own stunts, it was fun. It was a fun ride." 

Life changes in an instant for Jordan's character in the movie -- and he's similarly had to adapt amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"The overall experience has changed me," he reflected. "I think being able to slow down and really prioritize the things that are important... Taking time and getting out into the community, you know? I think there's something about the give back, being of service. You know what really matters."

"We work so much we're always on that grind. But when you get a chance to sit still and think about your family, think about your loved ones, think about your culture, your community -- to be able to get out and just be in the mix a little after a year of being in the house, it feels good," Jordan added. 

The actor was especially excited to help out veterans in Los Angeles. 

"The veterans, they're given so much, they've served so much. So to be able to just do whatever they need me to do for the moment feels good," he said. "Community's important, so to give back and let them see you, touch you, feel you, and talk to you is important." 

"Being of service, it's kind of like my love language," Jordan expressed. "And my dad being a Marine, I just always had an appreciation for those who serve this country." 

See more on Jordan in the video below. Tom Clancy's Without Remorse is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.