Michael B. Jordan Vows to Promote Diversity & Black Culture in Inspiring Speech During LA March

Michael B. Jordan participates in the Hollywood talent agencies march
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The actor reflected on how his roles have also taught him about racial injustice.

Michael B. Jordan vows to help promote diversity and black culture. The 33-year-old actor participated in a march in Los Angeles on Saturday, where he spoke to the crowd about how the roles he's played have taught him about racial injustice, as well as how Hollywood must help share diverse stories.

Jordan began by mentioning how in Fruitvale Station he portrayed Oscar Grant, a young black man who was killed by a police officer in 2009, and felt "the pain of his family… I lived with that for a very long time." He also brought up his role as fireman Guy Montag in Fahrenheit 451 who "was thirsty for knowledge and joined a revolution," as well as Black Panther and his powerful role as Bryan Stevenson in Just Mercy.

Explaining that each role affected his life, he added, "That's why I love and support everybody that's out here because we have to be here together, show the support."

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He shared that his production company has an inclusion rider but "it has to go beyond that." Calling out the brands he works with, production companies, studios and more, Jordan said they have to continue hiring people of color and stop working with police, instead, encouraging them to hire private security.

"Anybody that deals with me, if you have racist beliefs, if you have a racist bone in your body, if you're not with me, if you don't stand with me and people that look like me, you don't need to be with me," he passionately expressed. "I use my power to demand diversity but it's time that studios and agencies…do so."


Jordan continued by advocating for black content with black leaders sharing black stories. "You committed to a 50/50 gender parity in 2020, where is the challenge to commit to black hiring?" he stated. "Black content, led by black executives, black consultants… So let us bring our darkness to the light?"

"We're done with discrimination," he said as the crowd cheered. He concluded his message by expressing the importance of voting and not letting "this moment pass by."

On Tuesday, Warner Bros. announced that Just Mercy would also be available for free online rental throughout the month of June, in order to promote education about racism and injustices within the legal system. The 2019 film, directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, stars Jamie Foxx as wrongfully convicted death row inmate Walter McMillian and Jordan as defense attorney Bryan Stevenson, in a real-life story about fighting for justice in an unbalanced system.

A variety of other films and shows, including Selma, have also become available for people to watch.

Many celebrities have been speaking out against police brutality and racial injustice following George Floyd's death. This week, Star Wars actor John Boyega also delivered an emotional speech during a Black Lives Matter protest in London.

Hear what he had to say in the video below.