Michael Caine Clarifies Comments About Retiring From Acting

Michael Caine 2017
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Michael Caine isn't going anywhere.

The 88-year-old Oscar winner clarified his comments about his latest movie, Best Sellers, being his final film. On Friday, Caine's comments he made during an interview with BBC radio's Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review went viral with headlines announcing his retirement. ET has reached out to Caine's reps for comment.

"Regarding retirement, I’ve spent over 50 years getting up at 6 a.m. to make movies, and I’m not getting rid of my alarm clock!” the acclaimed actor told Varietyon Saturday.

During his conversation with Simon Mayo, the actor called Best Sellers his "last part."

"Funnily enough, it has turned out to be my last part, really, because I haven’t worked for two years," he said of his role, adding, "And I have a spine problem which affects my leg, so I can’t walk very well."

"And I also wrote a book, a couple of books, which were published and successful. So, I’m now not an actor. I’m a writer," he continued. "Which is lovely because as an actor you have to get up at half past six in the morning and go to the studio. As a writer, you can start writing without leaving the bed."

When specifically asked if the movie was his last, he replied, "I think it would be, yeah."

"There haven’t been any offers, obviously, for two years. Because nobody’s been making any movies I’d want to do. But also, I’m 88. There’s not exactly scripts pouring out where the leading man is 88," he added.

Best Seller sees Caine as a cranky, retired author who reluctantly embarks on a final book tour to help out a young publisher, portrayed by Aubrey Plaza. Scott Speedman and Cary Elwes co-star.

Caine, meanwhile, has over 175 acting credits to his name and is a two-time Oscar winner.


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