Michael Strahan Assures Fans That His Signature Smile Is Here to Stay Following April Fool's Day Prank

The 'GMA' host addressed his prank during a virtual appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

Michael Strahan wants fans to know that the signature gap between his two front teeth is here to stay! 

During a virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, the Good Morning America host addressed the April Fool's Day prank he pulled this year, in which he pretended to have a dentist close the gap.

"I truly did not think people cared that much about my teeth," Strahan said of the internet's reaction. "I just did it as a little prank thinking a few of my Instagram followers were gonna go, 'Oh, he's crazy,' they wouldn't know it was fake."

"I ruined part of my vacation because I was on spring break with the kids and my phone blows up. 700 text messages, 400 emails," he recalled. "Everybody's trying to FaceTime me to see and I just ignored everybody. I'm here to report that it was a prank. People still think it's real!"

Strahan revealed that he received mixed reviews to the prank, with some people saying things like, "You let 'Gap Nation' down. You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Gap Nation, I am here to say," he told DeGeneres. "I'm not going anywhere."


As ET previously reported, Strahan took to Instagram earlier this month to confirm that the video of him at the dentist closing the gap in his teeth was fake, and created as an April Fool's Day joke. 

"The gap is here to stay for a little while," he said at the time. "Not going anywhere anytime soon, so, April Fool's Day, everybody."

"I had a good time, and I feel really bad about actually not closing it after everything that I saw, but the gap is here," he continued. "The gap is here to stay. It's not going anywhere for a little while. My mama likes it, so, there you go -- for you, Mama."

This isn't the first time Strahan has talked about embracing the gap in his teeth. In 2018, he expressed his support for actor Lonnie Chavis, who plays young Randall on This Is Us, after the young star posted a video in response to those who were ridiculing the gap in his teeth.

"@lonniechavis you are an inspiration my man! You make me proud to rock my gap and your message is exactly on point," Strahan wrote. "Embrace your uniqueness and live your life with happiness! What people criticized me for earlier they now embrace as a signature."

Hear more in the video below.