Michael Strahan's Daughter Isabella Gets Emotional Seeing Her Dad as She Chronicles Brain Tumor Battle

Isabella Strahan documented her final day of radiation treatment in a heartfelt celebratory video she posted on Tuesday.

Michael Strahan's 19-year-old daughter, Isabella Strahan, has been chronicling her brain tumor battle in a series of videos posted to YouTube, and she recently got emotional celebrating a milestone in her treatment.

In the third video in her vlog series, posted on Tuesday, Isabella was excited to be undergoing her last day of radiation therapy at the New York Proton Center.

"I’m very excited to finally be done," Isabella shared in the video, which was recorded last week. "It's been a long six weeks. I’m very happy to finally heal my head after all of this because the side effects and everything get to you."

The video follows Isabella as she arrives at the facility and enters the room for the treatment. It then shows her overcome with emotion as she enters the waiting room, where her family cheers and her father captures the moment on his phone.

Isabella has tears of joy streaming down her face as she embraces her dad in a big hug and then gleefully rings the celebratory bell in the waiting room, a symbolic gesture to commemorate completing treatment.

Speaking directly into her camera while lying in bed after getting back home, Isabella explains that, when battling a brain tumor, "You can't really control how you feel, and you can wake up sometimes not feeling super bad, and then the rest of the day it hits you. Or you could wake up feeling super bad and just have to get through the whole day."

"I'm hoping tomorrow... I hope I wake up not feeling bad, and not feeling nauseous or dizzy," she continues. "I just want to feel more normal tomorrow."

Isabella and her father shared the news of her brain tumor battle on Good Morning America in a joint interview with Robin Roberts last week.

Isabella reveals that she first began suffering symptoms in early October, just as she was beginning her freshman year at the University of Southern California, when she "noticed headaches, nausea, couldn't walk straight." Eventually, things reached a turning point when she woke up "throwing up blood." At that point, Isabella says, she "notified the whole family." 

Michael says the family urged Isabella to "go get a thorough checkup" at that time. 

"And thank goodness for the doctor," he adds. "I feel like this doctor saved her life because she was thorough enough to say, 'Let's do the full checkup.'" 

Isabella's health check included an electrocardiogram (EKG) and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). From there, she was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, where doctors discovered a fast-growing four-centimeter tumor -- larger than a golf ball -- in the back of her brain. The malignant brain tumor is known as medulloblastoma. 

Michael reveals that he received the news before Isabella did and that "it didn't feel real." He then traveled to California to be by her side as she underwent emergency surgery to have the mass removed. The procedure was done on Oct. 27, one day before Isabella's 19th birthday. 

A source told ET last week that Michael has "the full support of his ABC family as he and his daughter navigate this new life post-surgery and diagnosis."

"The love and support he’s received over the last few months has been a comfort to him during this time," the source continued. "For now, it’s about healing and looking forward to a great new year."

Looking to the future, Isabella is set to begin chemotherapy at Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center in Durham, North Carolina.