Michelle Obama Reads Off Funny Things She Couldn’t Say as First Lady: Watch!

Michelle Obama
Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Clooney is my freebie!"

Michelle Obama spent eight years in the White House making sure she said and did the right things. Now that she’s no longer first lady, she was ready to cut loose on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

The 54-year-old Becoming author was given a series of funny lines to deliver from the late-night comedian, happily poking fun at herself and her family. 

"I’ve never eaten a vegetable,” the health-conscious Michelle quipped. 

She then had some fun talking about the Bush family, who occupied the White House before the Obamas. 

"The whole eight years we were in the White House, we used Laura Bush’s Netflix password,” she said, adding as an aside, “Laura, sorry, send me the bill.” 

Of her two children, Michelle said, "I’m not sure which one’s Sasha and which one’s Malia.” 

The mother of two noted that her kids would definitely agree with that sentiment, adding, "You know, they agree. They get so mad every time I mess their names up. I’m like, ‘Who are you?’"

But her best line was delivered with a grin when she said, "Clooney is my freebie!”

Barack Obama's wife also opened up about her family’s life after the White House, saying, "Truthfully we’re boring. We have a teenager at home and she makes us feel inadequate every day, so our self esteem is low."

She also assured the audience that she has no plans to run for president anytime in the future. 

"Barack keeps those people away from me,” she said of campaign managers and leaders. "I’ve never had any serious conversations with anyone about it because it’s not something I’m interested in or would ever do, ever."

As for whether her 20-year-old daughter, Malia, or her 17-year-old daughter, Sasha, would take their place in the Oval Office, she quickly replied, "Oh god, that will never happen. I assure you. I can say never with those two.”

One member of the family who took quickly to the White House was the family’s dog, Bo. 

"He’s an odd dog. Barack, he criticizes Bo a little bit because he is odd,” she said of her pet. "He has an aloofness to him. It’s almost sort of like, ‘Don’t touch me. I am a Bo, don’t you know who I am?’ When they were at home, they were mommy’s dogs, but if they were working with the fellas they would ignore me. It’s just sort of like, ‘Mom, don’t touch me. I’m at work. I’m busy.’”

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