Michelle Obama Recalls Awkward Melania Trump Gift Exchange -- and How Barack Saved Her!

The former first lady hilariously recalls her inner monologue while given the gift on Inauguration Day 2017.

When giving a gift, it's the thought that counts... though, timing is pretty important too.

Michelle Obama appears on Thursday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she admits that Melania Trump's gift to her on Inauguration Day 2017 left her a little uncertain what to do with the box.

"It was a lovely frame,"  the former first lady shared, noting, however, "There's all this protocol. I mean, this is like a state visit, so they tell you that you’re going to do this, they’re going to stand here. Never before do you get this gift, so I’m sort of like, 'OK, what am I supposed to do with this gift?'"

Luckily, Michelle's husband, Barack Obama, was there to alleviate the awkward exchange.

"And then my husband saved the day, he grabbed the box and took it inside," she continued. "But everybody cleared out, and I'm like, 'What do you do with the box?'"

Great teamwork from the former first family!

Watch below for another one of their sweet couple moments.