Michelle Williams Remembers Being Mistaken for the Destiny's Child Singer at a Concert (Exclusive)

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Seeing Michelle Williams is always a treat -- even when you're not quite sure which Michelle Williams you're getting.

ET spoke to the All the Money in the Worldstar at the film's press day on Sunday, where she revealed an awkward mix-up involving her and the Destiny's Child singer who shares her name.

"Yes, we often get confused for each other," the 37-year-old actress shared, noting the two have never met in real life. "Let me tell you when I really got confused ... for that other Michelle Williams."

"When I took my daughter to see Stevie Wonder. They were like, 'huh?'" she explained. Apparently, they thought the other Williams would be the one in attendance. "They were like, 'Oh, ohh ohh ohh... OK cool."

Despite the mix-up, Williams has no regrets on watching the music icon!

"My daughter is a huge Stevie Wonder fan and we were not gonna miss that night," she said, laughing, "But they were not expecting this Michelle Williams."

The craziest part of this whole story is that the two Michelle Williams' have never met! Let's change that pronto.

All the Money in the World premieres on Dec. 25.


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