Milla Jovovich Praises Daughter's 'Incredible Talent' After Her Performance in 'Black Widow' (Exclusive)

The 'Monster Hunter' star also opened up to ET about working alongside her husband and the upcoming 'Resident Evil' reboot.

Milla Jovovich is one proud mom. The 45-year-old Monster Hunter star says she couldn't be more excited for her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

Jovovich opened up to ET's Ash Crossan about her 13-year-old daughter, Ever, who will soon be seen playing a young Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson's character) in Marvel's Black Widow.

"On the one hand I'm terrified because I know how difficult this industry is," Jovovich said, of her daughter's ambitions when it comes to acting. "And on the other hand, I'm overjoyed because I feel like my child has found their passion, and she has been very focused on it since she was five years old."

Jovovich shares Ever with her husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson -- as well as 5-year-old son Dashiel and 10-month-old daughter, Osian. With both parents in the film industry -- and often working together on multiple projects-- the actress said her daughter was "a set baby" from the very beginning.

"She's grown up on sets with her dad and I and, you know, it seems like that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree," Jovovich shared.

As for the high-profile role in Black Widow, the opportunity couldn't have been more perfect for young Ever.

"We call her Baby Widow," Jovovich joked. "She's such a fan of the Marvel movies and you know, Ever is just such an incredible talent. She's just a real natural and it was so wonderful to watch her on set."

"I mean, literally, she had everybody crying during one of her scenes! She's amazing," she added. 'I think people are going to be really, really impressed when they see the movie next year."

Meanwhile, Jovovich's latest sci-fi action thrill ride, Monster Hunter, just hit theaters Dec. 18. The movie -- based on a hit video game series of the same name -- was written and directed by Jovovich's husband, and her role was penned specifically for her.

"You know, Paul has such a huge imagination and he was the dungeon master when he was a teenager. He was always the one writing all the scripts for him and his friends to play Dungeons and Dragons for hours, so, you know, I love that part of him," Jovovich said of getting to work alongside her husband.

"For me, I've always been such a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy myself, so he allows me to be able to go into these crazy alternate universes and he writes these incredible characters that do extraordinary things and makes me feel like a superhero," she added. "So you know what's not to love? I think we have so much fun together."

Anderson previously directed his wife in multiple installments in the Resident Evil film franchise, which is reportedly getting a reboot in the near future.

After starring as the heroic and deadly Alice in numerous installments in the long-running franchise, Jovovich seemed supportive of a new take on the story.

"I read about it online and you know it's such an amazing universe and it's such a great game, it's so beloved by the fans. I'm not surprised that it's being rebooted," she shared. "It's something that was so much fun to film for me, and I think everyone's going to have a great time doing it."




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