Milo Ventimiglia Gets Water Poured All Over Him on ‘Ellen’ and We’re Here for It: Watch!

Milo Ventimiglia
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

This Is Us meets Magic Mike?

Ellen DeGeneres gave This Is Us fans quite the treat during Wednesday’s episode. She invited star Milo Ventimiglia to play the game “Make It Rain,” where he had to answer questions and pull a chord to see if he’d get buckets of water dumped on him or if he’d win cash for charity.  

The questions were suspiciously easy, with DeGeneres telling Ventimiglia he’d won even when he’d missed an answer. But the audience didn’t seem to mind as the actor was doused with massive buckets of water multiple times.

Though he didn’t strip his shirt off, fans still got plenty of that Jack Pearson wet hair action as he flipped his locks back and shook off the water.

But ultimately Ventimiglia walked away with $10,000 to the charity of his choice – The Rape Foundation.

The Gilmore Girls alum has been making headlines ever since the emotional reveal during the Super Bowl episode of just how his beloved character Jack died on the hit NBC drama.

Following the episode, Ventimiglia opened up to ET in a call about the hardest scene for him to film, which took place when Rebecca (Mandy Moore) discovers Jack’s body in the hospital.

"I was ultimately hearing her break and fall into a million pieces. That might have been the hardest thing to film, because I had to lay still, but because I was listening to my friend crumbling," he said.

For more from This Is Us, watch the clip below.


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