Mindy Kaling Shares First Photo of Son Spencer in Sweet First Birthday Tribute

The actress and mom of two shared the very first photo of her son in honor of his first birthday over the weekend.

Mindy Kaling celebrated her son Spencer's first birthday over the weekend and shared a sweet snap from the one-year-old's big day! Kaling took to Instagram Monday to share the first-ever photo of her son as he grabbed at his bundle of birthday balloons. Though his face can't be seen, Spencer appears to be on the floor marveling at the huge, colorful bouquet of balloons featuring Mickey Mouse, Elmo and lots of "Happy Birthday" wishes.

"Friday was my son Spencer’s first birthday. My daughter Kit is pretty cautious with new people. Not this guy. If you happen to make eye contact with Spencer, he lights up like you are old war buddies and he makes a beeline to you," the proud mom said of her son. "I had Spencer during Covid and it was a strange isolated time, but the instant I saw him I knew he would make everything better. And he did! Happy birthday, Spike!"

Kaling, who welcomed Spencer last September, told People she wouldn't necessarily recommend having a secret pregnancy during a worldwide pandemic.

"I don't know if I recommend everyone having a secret pregnancy during a worldwide pandemic, but I will say I learned a lot from it. Definitely like a once in a lifetime type of thing," she said at the time.

Kaling also made it clear that she doesn't do it all on her own, noting that "being a single mom is not for everyone," and adding that she waited until she had the means to have resources like a full-time nanny to help out. 

The 42-year-old actress, who is also a mom to three-year-old daughter, Kit, told CBS This Morning last month that motherhood has changed her for the better.

"I wasn't a patient person before this," Kaling confessed. "I'm still not really patient, but it's really forced me to embrace that."

"I'm tested sort of every day," she added. "And I think it's great. It's really made me grown as a person. I feel like I'm so much more caring, and it's just, that's one of the blessings of parenthood. You just have to think about yourself less and it makes you a kinder person."

Hear more about Kaling as mom in the video below.