Miranda Lambert Jokes About Surviving a Pandemic as a Newlywed

Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin
Jackson Lee/GC Images

The country singer says quarantine has been a 'good test' for her marriage.

Miranda Lambert admits quarantining with husband Brendan McLoughlin was a "good test" for their marriage. 

The country singer, who announced last year that she secretly married the former NYPD cop, told Kelly Ford of New York’s Country 94.7 that she and her husband are doing just fine while self-isolating. 

"If newlyweds can survive a pandemic then I think we're good, you know? It's a good test," she shared. "The first month I had a lot of fun. Well, not fun but I was like, 'OK, we're off. We'll probably be back on the road in a couple of months.'"

Lambert's hiatus from touring will be lasting longer than a few months but she's learning how to deal.

"I cooked too much and ate way too much, and then I had to roll that back a little bit," she told Ford. "There's stuff to do, it's just the adjusting of not knowing when I'm going to work again... it's uneasy."

While many artists have started doing virtual concerts, Lambert says that sort of performance is tough for her.

"I guess nothing made me realize that more than singing into a screen, which I absolutely hate. I just can't do it. I started this career 18 years ago for that feeling, not for my Zoom call. I just can't do it," she confessed. 

Earlier this month, Lambert released the single "Dark Bars" and paid tribute in the track's music video to the venues and establishments that are closed amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"I feel like I'm glad that this was the single at the time that it was because it is a song of hope," she said of the tune. "It has kind of a dark feel but still hopeful which is kind of how we all feel right now. Also, I haven't had a top five [hit] in six years, so it's nice to kind of have a little punch in there. It feels good."

Lambert may not be touring at the moment but she and McLoughlin did recently take a cross-country road trip in an Airstream Globetrotter.

"Just an update on glamp life. We spent the last week taking #TheSherrif on his first road trip. We camped our way to see our NY family. 6 days: 4 states: 1000 miles," she shared with fans in May on Instagram.

Back in November, ET spoke with Lambert, who couldn't help but gush over McLoughlin.

"It's really good to be genuinely happy,” she said of married life. “You almost don't realize that you're not until you get there and you're like, 'Man, I didn't know that there was a level of comfort and happiness out there that existed like that.'"

"He's a really positive, upbeat person, so that's good for me because I tend to lean negative -- we Scorpios do -- so we're a good balance," Lambert added. "He keeps me in check. He's just normal and cool and always smiling. [When] someone’s that happy, there's no choice but to [be happy too] and it's really great."