'Mortal Kombat' Cast Reveals Which Characters They Want to See in a Sequel (Exclusive)

Plus, a seriously brilliant suggestion for who should play Johnny Cage.

Mortal Kombat fans will have plenty of opportunities to shout, "FINISH THEM!" throughout the movie -- and in this R-rated adaptation, the fatalities are as gruesomely insane as you'd hope -- but the last thing anyone will want when the credits roll is for this saga to be finished. Thankfully, the movie (which is in theaters and streaming HBO Max now) tees up more to come.

Spoilers for the ending of "Mortal Kombat" below.

The Kombat roster in this installment includes tons of iconic names -- like Goro, Mileena, Sub-Zero and more -- but one character from the video games is notably missing: movie star Johnny Cage. Perhaps not for long, as our heroes end this journey by setting out in search of him. So, who should play Johnny Cage in the sequel?

"Ryan Reynolds would be perfect," Max Huang, who plays Kung Lao, tells ET's Ash Crossan.

"I would love to see Johnny Cage," says Jessica McNamee (Sonya Blade). "I would love to see him spar with Josh [Lawson's Kano] or whoever that person might be. But also, I'm in the middle of that action, too, with Kano and Johnny Cage and these two massive, egocentric lunatics. I think just what a hoot to see."

"I'll add Cassie Cage to it, as well," Lawson adds.

"You just want to flirt with her," McNamee jokes.

"Yeah, well. Is that age appropriate?" Lawson replies. "I feel like there's so much fun to be had with the millennial view of this world. She's a prism through which we could see the world from a really contemporary standpoint."

With a seemingly limitless list of video game characters who could be enlisted for the sequel, the possibilities of who enters the tournament and who fights whom could spawn an infinite number of sequels. You have favorites you want to see onscreen, and so does the Mortal Kombat cast.

"I would like to see Scarlet. I think Scarlet is a really cool character. I like the blood-bending idea," lists off Lewis Tan (Cole Young). "I'd like to fight Smoke -- that would be really cool -- and, of course, Noob Saibot, if it leads down that road. There's many roads you could go down. But Noob Saibot is one of the coolest characters in the game, and I would love to try my hand."

"I would like to see Kitana and Jacqui Briggs. I want to see some more women of color in the movie," adds Mehcad Brooks (Jax). "Also, I got a beef with Baraka. I feel like that'd be a hell of a fight between Jax and Baraka."

"I want to see that, too!" Tan exclaims.

"Erron Black," Brooks continues. "There's just so many. There's so many incredible characters and the universe is so rich that this could go on forever. And in some ways, I hope it does."