'Bridesmaids': 'Not a Precious Girly Movie'


Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and a treasure trove of comediennes come together in "Bridesmaids" and ET sat down with the girl-powered ensemble cast to find out what makes this raunchy comedy tick. The movie follows Wiig as a maid of honor whose life is falling apart around her as she attempts to organize Maya's wedding while competing with Rose Byrne, Maya's new BFF, for her attention.

Maya claims it was a team effort. "Everybody wanted the movie to be funny. Everyone is putting forth such goodness and good will and great material that you feel like you are in this together." Melissa McCarthy, who plays the scene-stealing sister of the groom, Megan, agrees. "Look you've got six women in a movie and they all kill it and women are wildly funny and you don't have to tone it down."

It was helpful that a number of them had been bridesmaids before. For co-stars Wendi McLendon-Covey and Ellie Kemper, it may have hit too close to home. Ellie, a bridesmaid seven times over, feels, "we were really good friends to people," while Wendi, who beats her by one, thinks, "we buy good gifts. I think that might be what it is." It's also expensive as Wendi points out, "what it might as well be is someone presenting you with an invoice for $5,000."

Though men tend to shy away from movies involving female bonding, brides, maids and the like, Melissa feels this is definitely a movie the guys will enjoy, " It's not a precious girly movie at all...it's pretty rowdy." It certainly has its gross-out moments, though the intention was never to challenge the boys of the genre. As Kristen explains, "we weren't making a statement. We didn't write it in the sense of 'you never see this so now we are going to show them. Or hey boys get to do this, we want to do it.'"

So guys, be prepared to head to theaters, but don't resist. You will be rewarded! "Bridesmaids" is in theaters now.