Report: Arnold Schwarzenegger Tests the Waters with New Film

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After several of Arnold Schwarzenegger's post-scandal projects have been put on hold, one might have a good chance at seeing the light of day. reports that the former Governor of California has signed on for a new Western called 'Last Stand.'

"It's a property which a zillion directors fell in love with: the good, the bad, the weird," said a source close to the film. "It's an old-fashioned Western specifically designed for a 63-year-old broken-down guy with a moral decision whether Arnold decides to stand up for his town. We always needed an iconic figure for it."

Korean film director Kim Jee-woon is set to helm the Lionsgate project which is expected to begin filming this September, according to

Arnold's estranged wife Maria Shriver moved out of the couple's Brentwood mansion in April. Arnold confirmed reports that he had an affair and fathered a lovechild with a household staffer shortly after news broke of the couple's split.