Neil Patrick Harris, Sofia Vergara Share Smurf Stories


The stars of the upcoming 'Smurfs' film were all smiles and we're guessing it's probably got something to do with the adorable blue creatures they talked about. Even Sofia Vergara couldn't hold back, recalling her memories of the 80s cartoon.

"They were huge in Colombia in the 90s," Sofia said. "Even my son grew up watching the 'Smurfs' so it was fantastic to be a part of this project."

Neil Patrick Harris also expressed the role 'The Smurfs' has already played in his baby's life, revealing to ET Canada that his child was already six months along in the pregnancy while shooting.

"I was pleased to be offered a job playing a dad to be and thought it was kind of cool that in my real life I was a dad to be as well," Neil gushed.

After touching on the nostalgia, Neil and Jayma Mays joked about the making of the movie, where they spent a good portion of their time filming with green screen. The two, who worked together on "How I Met Your Mother" and "Glee," quipped on their original thoughts during the shooting.

"It was weird because we knew we weren't going to know the end result for a year," Neil said. Jayma became a comedian when giving her take. "I kept saying they could have put anything in there," Jayma said, referring to the post-production process. "It could have been a horror film for all we new."

Hear more from the three stars and make sure to check out 'The Smurfs' when they arrive in theaters July 29!