Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Set Was 'A Rodeo'

Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Set Was 'A Rodeo'

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford team up as opposing forces in a frontier town who unite to fight an otherworldly foe in 'Cowboys & Aliens,' in theaters Friday, and Harrison jokes to ET that the atmosphere on the set at times was like a rodeo.

"No animals were harmed in the making of this movie -- a couple of actors were kind of shook up or bruised; we took it easy on the animals," says Harrison with a laugh. "You ask any actor, 'Do you ride?' and they go, 'Ooh, yeah, I ride, I ride real well,' and then when you pull up to the mark there are a couple of empty horses. It was a rodeo, it was good."

Co-star Olivia Wilde, a seasoned rider, had a serious mishap on the set when she fell off her fast-moving horse, but ultimately brushed it off. "Oh yeah, it was insane," she confirms. "The good thing is I know how to fall, which may have saved my life in this case."

Daniel adds, "We were blessed by the fact that there were a few injuries, but everyone was okay," but in the case of Olivia's spill, he recalls, "All I saw was Olivia's riderless horse right up next to me. … But she was great, because she was so brave and she actually managed to tuck and roll and do all the things you're supposed to do that I wouldn't have done if I had fallen off. I would have fallen like a brick and cracked every bone in my body probably. So she was bruised up but she was fine."

"She took a hard fall and she took it like a trooper," agrees Harrison.

'Iron Man' director Jon Favreau helms the dusty sci-fi tale -- based on the popular graphic novel -- of what goes down when an alien spaceship lands in the Arizona frontier in 1873 and begins to abduct the locals. Believing the aliens to be demons, the residents of a small town called Absolution are forced to enlist the help of an outcast to fight off their new enemies from beyond.