Paul Rudd's 'Idiot Brother' Fashion Faux Pas


Paul Rudd stars opposite Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer, Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones in the new comedyOur Idiot Brother, in theaters Friday, and the ladies agree that Paul's character is just a walking fashion faux pas.

"He's sort of like Farmer John meets hippie meets Crocs," explains Elizabeth.

"The mixture of the Crocs and the, like, baggy tank tops, and like the Jams -- like tribal shorts -- and the hair and the beard… Just wrong, straight wrong," says Rashida with a laugh.

"I really don't think I know anyone else on the planet that can look sexy in Crocs, but somehow he manages it," smiles Emily. "Crocs to me are the most depressing things in existence and Paul's character Ned is a Crocophile."

Paul didn't bring up the Crocs, but he did find the wig and shaggy beard to be a bit of a burden while shooting in the blistering summer temperatures.

"It was really hot, and I've grown beards many times, but I realized I kind of had them in winter, which is just to protect your face," he says with a smirk. "I thought, 'When it's done, I can't wait to shave,' but I kind of wound up getting so into it that I kept it for another couple weeks."

In Our Idiot Brother, Paul plays an optimistic, free-spirited guy who arrives on the doorstep of his sisters (Banks, Mortimer and Deschanel) after his girlfriend kicks him out. Taking turns housing him, the sisters' lives are turned upside-down by Ned's laissez-faire approach to life, but soon come to realize they can learn a thing or two from him about life.

Of any similarities to his character, Paul says, "It is a bit of a fine line between idiocy and enlightenment, and I don't think this character is an idiot by any means. I think he actually gears more toward the 'knows what's important' kind of aspect of life, so I try and live that way -- but I don't quite do it the same way."