'The Big Year' Stars Talk Unfamiliar Beginnings


Can you believe that Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin, stars of the upcoming film The Big Year, barely knew each other before this project?

One could assume that everyone knows everyone in Hollywood, but that wasn't the case with these three.

"I just sort of barely met Steve one time at a dinner," Owen admitted. "Jack and I had actually been in things together but haven't really met."

And while Steve confirmed it was the first time they ever spoken to each other on the "icy" set, the trio seemed to have known each other for quite some time. The camaraderie exuded from the three stars as they cracked jokes while discussing their new movie in which they play a group of friends who are avid bird watchers trying to outdo each other.

Hear these three ham it up and more in the video! The Big Year flies into theaters October 14.