'Puss in Boots': Not Just for Kids


Who says adults are too old for animated films? The stars of Puss in Boots may have proved that thought wrong as they came out for the movie's Hollywood premiere on Sunday.

"We've been working for almost two and a half years just to bring something -- not only these kids -- but to make people happy," said Antonio Banderas. "To make people laugh, in our days, is a very serious issue."

Another serious, but fun, issue coming up for Antonio is a fundraiser that he will be hosting for President Barack Obama at his home.

"It's great to have the possibility to give my house for President Obama to say whatever he has to say to the Spanish community," said Antonio, who admitted that he was excited for the event.

The Shrekspinoff, Puss in Boots -- starring Antonio, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis, Billy Bob and Amy Sedaris -- hits theaters October 28.Watch the video to find out the stars' favorite Halloween costumes and what they have planned for the holiday this year.