The Hollywood Awards Honor George Clooney


The Hollywood Awards honored the entertainment industry's best and brightest last night, and while the yearly event will not be broadcast, we've got all the backstage action you won't see anywhere else.

Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell pulled double duty, hosting the show and utilizing her unprecedented access to speak with the winners as they passed through the curtains with their awards in hand.

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Michelle Williams snagged the first statue of the night for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming bio pic, My Week with Marilyn, and the actress could barely process the huge honor.

"It's very heavy," was all Williams could manage to squeak out initially, but after a little prodding she told Nancy she couldn't believe she was being recognized so highly for stepping into the shoes of an American icon.

"I didn't imagine that I would be holding something heavy after that. I thought that I'd just be holding my own heavy heart and conscience after screwing it up."

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Anne Hathaway presented pal Joseph Gordon-Levitt with the Hollywood Supporting Actor Award (50/50), and as thrilled as the young star was to nab the prestigious prize, Levitt was clearly in awe of the stunning actress, fanning himself dramatically in her presence.

"I highly recommend having Annie Hathaway say your name into a microphone," he swooned. "It's a very pleasant experience."

Last but certainly not least, Nancy snagged a few memorable moments with Oscar-winner George Clooney after he accepted a Hollywood Actor Award for his performance in The Descendants. The ever-modest heartthrob brushed off Academy Award rumors, joking away the undeniable fact that he commanded so much respect in the building, the entire crowd gave him a standing ovation as he walked the stage.

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Watch the video for more, including Nancy's awkward, yet unforgettable experience with George as a brief blackout halts the interview, plus, Carey Mulligan tells us which hit TV show she secretly wishes she could snag a guest spot. Hint: Never stop believin', Carey!