Jennifer Hudson's Secret to a Happy Marriage


What does it mean to act like a lady and think like a man?

We posed the question to Jennifer Hudson, Regina King and Gabrielle Union, who attended the star-studded premiere of the aptly-titled film Think Like a Man to fill us in on this, the modern woman's approach to landing a man, and keeping him interested.

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Hudson, who sings the film's title theme, says she jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the movie because she herself is a shining example of the practice at play.

"[Think Like a Man] is so me," exclaimed the Grammy-winning singer. "They picked the right person to sing this song."

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In keeping with the topic of conversation, Hudson reveals the strategy she adopts in maintaining her marriage is simple : she gives her hubby some space.

"Spend time apart! Because after a while you get tired of each other, you know?" said Jennifer. "Having that newness-- That's what people fall in love with. Having the freshness. [David and I] like the idea of being in love and kind of being unfamiliar with each other so when we see each other every day, all day, that's when you get tired of it."

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Watch the video above for more from Jennifer and the cast of Think Like a Man, who all weigh in on the love technique.

Based on Steve Harvey's best-selling book, Think Like a Man is a relationship handbook on the do's and don'ts of a successful and lasting union.

The movie opened the 2012 Pan African Film Festival Thursday night, showcasing the talents of Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, Meagan Good , Romany Malco, Michael Ealy, and Chris Brown.

Think Like A Man comes to theaters April 20, 2012.