George Clooney at the BAFTAs: I'm Good at Losing


George Clooney lost the award for Leading Actor at the BAFTA Awards on Sunday, but to hear him tell it -- the loss wasn't so bad.

At Home With George Clooney

"I was here once and lost four in one night, so I'm used to losing," Clooney joked on the London red carpet before the event. "I'm good at it now."

Jean Dujardin won the award for his role in The Artist, which Clooney predicted before the event.

"I think tonight's going to be either Jean or Gary [Oldman]," Clooney guessed. "Because those two films have been nominated like 12 times or something, so that tells you there's a lot of love for those two films here."

On a sadder note, Viola Davis commented on the tragic and sudden passing of Whitney Houston over the weekend, saying, "She had it all -- expression, range -- and it's a huge loss."

Whitney Houston Autopsy Concluded

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