Does Rihanna Have a Future in Acting?

Does Rihanna Have a Future in Acting?

At the age of 24, Rihanna has taken the pop music world by storm and is now expanding her career into acting with her first film Batttleship. While Rihanna has natural singing ability, does she have it in her to be a great actor as well? Veteran actor Liam Neeson shared his opinion on the matter with ET at the film's Los Angeles premiere.

SNEAK PEEK: Rihanna Rocks 'Battleship'

After clarifying that Rihanna was his "new girlfriend," Neeson had kind words to say about his co-star and her acting abilities. "She's the real deal," he evaluated. "I think if she wants to change careers, she's got a real career [in acting]. The camera loves her; she has great energy, great spirit, great spunk. She's pretty cool."

Rihanna expressed excitement to be at her first Hollywood premiere and was eager for her fans see the film. She gave ET an update on her health after recently posting a photo on Twitter with an IV in her arm. "I'm a lot better now," she assured. "I had the flu [and] I kept working [so] I wasn't getting better. I had to stop for a couple days and I definitely feel a lot better after I rested and got some fluids."

VIDEO: Rihanna on Training for 'Battleship'

Brooklyn Decker, who made the transition from modeling to acting last year with Just Go With It, talked about how she thinks her sophomore film will do in comparison to the box-office giant The Avengers, which broke the box-office record for opening weekend ticket sales.

"Honestly, I was nervous knowing that they were so close to us but the fact that they did so well--I mean, they broke every single record possible--I feel like it only bodes well for the rest of the summer movies," she theorized. "I feel like they started a really good precedent for all of us. So, I'm hoping we can ride that wave a little bit."

VIDEO: Brooklyn Decker in 'What to Expect'

Check out the full video from the Battleship premiere above to see director Peter Berg's themed blue-carpet entrance. Battleship comes to theaters May 18th.