Why Chris Rock is Depressing to Work With

Why Chris Rock is Depressing to Work With

The zoo is back for another installment of Madagascar and so are their celebrity voices, including the hilarious Chris Rock, who plays a zebra named "Marty" in the franchise. As Ben Stiller states, working with Rock can be depressing because he outdoes his co-stars with his unique humor.

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"Working with Chris is...kind of depressing because he's so funny," said Stiller, who has known Rock for over two decades. "He is just incredibly good at this kind of thing where he'll come up with 'Marty' lines...The 'afro circus, circus afro' thing in this new one is all just him making it up."

He added that although being comically outdone by Rock can be a bit of a downer to a comedy genre actor like himself, working with Rock is enjoyable as well. "It's fun and depressing, really," he added. "Fun, in that you get to have sort of like a front-row seat at a Chris Rock show, and then depressing in that I can't be him."

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Although his co-star may get the blues from working with him, Rock said that he enjoys working with Stiller and highlighted the prospect of the two doing a non-animated film together one day. "I like getting in the booth with Ben," he said. "We play well off [of] each other. One of these days we'll do a...live-action movie where I'm really loud and he's strategically quiet."

In terms of the film itself, Rock joked that the upcoming third Madagascar film will shock people. "This one's gonna really surprise everyone," he said. "It's very risque. We pushed the buttons, the envelope, everything. This one is kind of 'The Artist' meets 'Shame' meets 'John Carter' meets Fantasia--not the movie, the girl from 'American Idol."

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Check out the full video about for the full interviews with Rock and Stiller as well as David Schwimmer and Jada Pinkett Smith. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is in theaters June 8.