ET Flashback: 'No Way Out'

ET Flashback: 'No Way Out'

Kevin Costner's military thriller No Way Out opened theaters 25 years ago today and became one of the sleeper hits of the summer, and we're celebrating with vintage set visit footage – when Costner looked hot in uniform and was revved up to be filming The Untouchables next!

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"Something's going to happen in this movie, which I hope happens in all the movies I do," teased Costner of No Way Out's surprise twist ending. "They're going to have to think about this one; this is an old-fashioned movie for me in the notion that you show up, you don't know what it's about, and when it's all done, it was worthwhile -- something really happened -- and that's what a good movie is to me."

The Roger Donaldson suspense film cast Costner as Tom Farrell, a navy officer whose steamy affair with the mistress (Blade Runner star Sean Young) of the defense secretary (Gene Hackman) threatens to blow up in his face when she's found dead. Assigned to find the killer -- who is believed to be a KGB mole -- Farrell soon finds himself on the run...

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"From what I've seen, I'm very pleased with it," said Costner of the project. "I think this is some of the best work I've been associated with."