Cast Sees Likeness in 'Frankenweenie' Animations

Cast Sees Likeness in 'Frankenweenie' Animations

Rumor has it that people and their pets begin to look alike, so it's only fitting that in Frankenweenie, a film about a dog named Sparky, the voice actors resemble their animated characters.

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Director Tim Burton praises his entire cast for embodying each of the roles. "Martin [Short] and Catherine [O'Hara] playing three parts each, they're all each one of them," he tells ET at the movie's premiere in Hollywood.

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Atticus Shaffer laughs about his stop-motion alter-ego, Edgar "E" Gore, saying, "In every role I play, I always wear a striped T-shirt and what do you know? He wears a striped T-shirt."

Although Martin Short hopes, that out of his three characters, he's least like Mr. Burgemeister, playing the "creepy and weird" part was the most fun.

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Frankenweenie rises from the dead in theaters on October 5, 2012.