Capturing 'Skyfall' Set Secrets

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James Bond is having a big year, celebrating the golden anniversary of the venerable franchise with an Olympic appearance, a cool Blu-ray set, several new books, an all-out media assault and, of course, the release of Daniel Craig's third outing as 007, Skyfall, as the jewel in Her Majesty's crown.

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Photojournalist Greg Williams has documented Craig's rise to success as the sixth and arguably most successful 007 after Sean Connery as a special photographer on all of Craig's Bonds (not to mention Pierce Brosnan's The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day). His new book, Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall, provides an inside look at the new, highly anticipated James Bond production, with never-before-seen candids of Craig, cast and crew, not to mention how they created some of the film's most breathtaking sequences.

"I see my job much more about photographing the process of making the film -- more about what happens before they call action and after they call cut," Williams explains to ET. "For me, it's about the intimacy. It's about getting the pictures that make you feel like you're there or make you feel like you're seeing something special, so you're actually getting an insight into what it's actually like [to be on set]. I like to show the reality behind the mystery."

A longtime Bond fan (aren't we all?), Williams says, "It's certainly great when you're working on the set and they're doing something you know Bond fans are going to love. … You watch a bit of history being made."

As for his take on Craig as Bond, Williams observes, "I think what Daniel has done with the character is brought a reality. He has updated the franchise in a very positive way. … In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig was brand new to this. You saw him through his first kill and you saw him become the character. You've seen Daniel from a young agent earning his stripes and then really absorbing that job that he does, and you see the same with the actor. There is sort of an effortlessness to him that makes you really confident in him and his abilities."

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Williams concludes of the enduring nature of the 50-year film franchise, "There is something timeless in the base qualities of Bond that we all aspire to. … I think also being a Brit, I suppose Bond in a way is our last bit of the British Empire -- the greatness that we once all felt. There's a generous amount of pride in England about Bond."

Skyfallarrives in theaters and IMAX stateside November 9, and Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall is available now.