Brett Ratner on Making 'Definitive' Hercules Movie


Brett Ratner is gearing up to begin pre-production on Hercules, starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and he told Empire Magazine it's a project he was 'born to direct.'

"There's no definitive Hercules film," said Ratner, who claimed to have drawn Hercules comics as a small boy. "This will be the definitive Hercules. I promise you that."

"It's starring The Rock," Ratner said plainly when asked what will make the movie so memorable. "And it's different than anything he's ever done and it's different than anything I've ever done."

On Tuesday night, Ratner and a plethora of film stars gathered at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood to celebrate the launch of Empire U.S. for iPad at a party sponsored by Netflix.

Most stars were still reacting to Monday's announcement that Seth MacFarlane will be hosting the next Oscars.

VIDEO: Seth MacFarlane Chosen to Host Oscars

"I think he'll be great for the Oscars," said former Lost star Dominic Monaghan. "Seth seems to lean quite heavily towards musical numbers. He likes big show numbers and stuff like that, so I think it might have a traditional approach."

"I love him," said Vampire Diaries star Kayla Ewell. "We'll see if he's as good as Billy Crystal, but I think it's possible."

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"He just did a great job hosting SNL, so I think the timing is perfect," said Ratner, who had to step down as an Oscar producer last year after a slew of controversial public comments. He went on to joke, "Hopefully he won't say anything dumb like me and have to resign."