'The Oranges' Squeezes Comedy From Tragedy


One of the most delightful surprises of 2012 is The Oranges.

The comedy stars Hugh Laurie as a David, a man in two relationships: a romantic one with Paige, his wife (played by Catherine Keener) and a platonic one with Terry, his best friend (played by Oliver Platt). But when David begins sleeping with Terry's 20-something daughter, played by Leighton Meester, the film chronicles the dramatic dissolution of both relationships.

VIDEO - Allison Janney Talks The Oranges

But as star Laurie told ETonline at the film's junket, The Oranges never devolves into a seedy cinematic story. In fact, it finds loads of lightness in this potentially dark journey. "It managed to tread that very delicate line," the former House star says of his attraction to this script. "It was funny but took these character's lives seriously. It's not just using them as ammunition to make jokes."

TRAILER - The Oranges

This isn't to say the film is joke-free. In fact, it's a whimsical tale of suburban anhedonia, and one that provides all the actors involved with this most juicy roles to date. Watch ETonline's interview with Laurie and Keener and catch The Oranges in theaters starting October 5.