Martin Short's Morbid Science Experiment


Martin Short voices three characters in Frankenweenie, a story about a young boy named Victor Frankenstein (Charlie Tahan) bringing his beloved deceased dog Sparky back to life with the use of electricity. This wasn't Martin's first time in the lab, though.

VIDEO: Cast Sees Likeness in 'Frankenweenie' Animations

"I dissected a cat at home once. I was in pre-med," he explains. "I was behind, so a friend of mine and I snuck into the frozen cat section of the medical department. It's right near Lean Cuisine!" He recounts that his own pet kitty, Tiger, saw the deceased cat and quickly turned into a scaredy-cat, growing concerned of its own fate.

Winona Ryder wasn't as keen for getting her hands dirty in science. "I did protest, I wouldn't do the frog dissection. I remember that. We were in a portable classroom and I sat outside," she recalls of her schooldays.

VIDEO: Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie' Comes Alive!

The esteemed director Tim Burton is known for coming up with innovative storytelling platforms on film, such as this black and white stop-motion flick. Able to relate to experimenting, he tells ET, "I always treated art and science in the same way."

Watch the video to learn of Tim's other talent as a matchmaker to Catherine O'Hara! Frankenweeniesends sparks flying in theaters on October 5, 2012.