First Look: Bloom is Back for Third 'Hobbit' Flick

Entertainment Weekly

Talk about third breakfast! The first film in the new Hobbit trilogy hits theaters in just one more week, and we've got a look at the return of Orlando Bloom in the third film of the trilogy -- The Hobbit: There and Back Again -- to whet your insatiable Middle-earth appetite for even more goodies.

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In this exclusive first photo from Entertainment Weekly, Orlando's loyal Elf Legolas appears opposite Bard the Bowman, played by Luke Evans. There and Back Again serves as a narrative bridge between TheHobbit trilogy and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and having a few familiar faces like Orlando's certainly helps the transition, even though Legolas does not appear on paper in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit.

Also helping ease the Hobbit transition are returning Lord of the Rings stars Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins, Ian Holm as the elder Bilbo Baggins, Christopher Lee as Saruman and, of course, Ian McKellen as Gandalf.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey rides into theaters in 3D and 2D in select theaters and IMAX on December 14. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be released Dec. 13, 2013; while the third installment in the series, The Hobbit: There and Back Again, will hit theaters July 18, 2014.