Is John Krasinski Matt Damon's New Best Bud?


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are a rarity in Hollywood. Not only have the two maintained a tight friendship since growing up in Cambridge, Mass. together, but they have both experienced enormous success in the film industry. However, the two have not worked together since 2006 and Damon has now found a friend in John Krasinski, which begs the question: Is Krasinski swooping in as Damon's best bud?

As the two revealed on Thursday on the red carpet for the L.A. premiere on their new collaborative film, Promised Land--which they both wrote, produced, and star in--they first met a few years back while Damon was working on The Adjustment Bureau with Krasinski's wife, Emily Blunt.

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"We just really hit it off and started talking about movies," Damon recounted of their initial encounter. "It became clear early on, for me, that I wanted do something with John, so I'm glad we found ['Promised Land']."

The 42-year-old actor erupted into fame in 1997 alongside Affleck for Good Will Hunting, which the two co-wrote and starred in, and ultimately won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. While the two have a dense history together, Damon said it's nice to meet another married couple with whom he and his wife can enjoy themselves.

"As a couple, it's tough to find other couples that you match up well with, and we match up really well with those guys," the Bourne series star said. "So, we all became really close, and that really helped."

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Krasinski, known predominantly for playing "Jim" on The Office, said that while he enjoys going on double-dates with Damon, he has no intention of stepping on Affleck's toes with their friendship.

"There's no bromance with me and Matt," said Krasinski, who married Blunt in 2010. "I know my place; I know where I stand. If anything, I'm the mistress of this bromance."

The film that the two teamed up to write is centered on the controversial oil-drilling procedure of hydraulic fracturing (often abbreviated as "fracking"), which is argued to have environmental and public health effects, most notably through the contamination of cherished groundwater.

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Unlike Damon's first film with Affleck, in which the two play close friends, he and Krasinski are at odds in the film--Damon, a corporate salesman who wants to buy drilling rights to a rural area; Krasinski, a grassroots campaign organizer who opposes him.

Promised Land
will be released in theaters January 4. Watch the full video to hear Damon talk about his role in the upcoming HBO biopic on Liberace.