Streisand Reveals Doubts Returning to a Lead Role


Co-starring alongside Seth Rogen in the upcoming film The Guilt Trip, Barbra Streisand will star in a leading role for the first time in sixteen years. While the vivacious multitalented star has been in showbiz for decades, she revealed that she had her doubts about starring in a leading role once again.

While Streisand said she thought the film would be a fun experience, which she confirmed it to have been, the 70-year-old actress and entertainer expressed initial apprehension in taking on her first leading role since the 1996 film The Mirror Has Two Faces, in which she starred alongside Jeff Bridges.

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"Could I really handle a big role [or] to have to come to work every day?" she questioned herself before the film's production, "but it was fun 'cause we had good working conditions."

In the upcoming film, Streisand plays the mother of Rogen, thirty years her junior. Originally not intended by Rogen's character, his mom comes along with him on a cross-country road trip. The comedic actor revealed that he was originally unsure of how the experience of working with Streisand would be.

"[Barbra] was super chill and mellow--not that that was surprising, but I really didn't know what to expect, honestly," Rogen said. "She was super loose and easygoing; [she] wanted to improvise and riff and mess around. It was fun, and she wasn't offended by the horrible things I say."

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Nora Dunn, who has been a comedic actress since her Saturday Night Live days in the '80s, previously worked with Rogen on Pineapple Express and confirmed that the chemistry between him and Streisand is authentic.

"I think this is sort of just a lucky thing. I think they have great chemistry," she evaluated. "They have a friendship now and it just makes sense. You can't really plan that; I think that that's one of those grand mistakes."

Colin Hanks, son of Tom Hanks and first wife Samantha Lewes, revealed that he was excited to be on the cast of a film in which Streisand was making her return to a leading role. He was also happy to have finally worked with Rogen after knowing him over the years.

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"I've known Seth for... [a] long time and our paths have never crossed at work, so it was a great chance to be able to work with an old friend and work with Barbra Streisand," the 35-year-old actor said. "She's everything you want her to be. She's warm; she's kind; she's inviting; she's a team player, and yet she's also the person that's leading you to the Promised Land."

The Guilt Trip
is in theaters Wednesday, December 19.