How Krasinski Brought Matt Damon Back


It's no secret that Matt Damon is a very capable writer. The man has a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award to prove it. But ever since he shot onto Hollywood's A-list, his words all but evaporated from the silver screen (Damon's last writing credit was 2002's little-seen Gerry).

VIDEO - Is John Krasinski Matt Damon's New B.F.F.?

But, in an exclusive clip from Damon's chat with The LA Times' Envelope Screening Series, the actor reveals that his wordy needs have been met in other ways over the last decade.

"The great thing about Good Will Hunting is it changed the way directors engaged with me," Damon says. "I got invited into that creative fold. Making movies is all about problem solving and if you can be in that huddle, figuring it out, that's a great place to be. It felt like my needs as a writer were getting met all those years."

VIDEO - John Krasinski "Eulogizes" Matt Damon

Now, for the first time since 2002, Damon's name is appearing front and center on the script for Promised Land, a new environmentally conscious movie he co-wrote with John Krasinski. "I always said I wanted to write again," Damon adds, "The experience with John woke me up to all of that."

Check out ETonline's exclusive clip to find out why Krasinski and Damon worked so well together.

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