Can Crowe, Wahlberg, Zeta-Jones Fix 'Broken City'?


Proof can be a powerful weapon in Mark Wahlberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Russell Crowe's new crime-thriller Broken City, and ET is first behind the scenes!

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In theaters January 18, Broken City stars Wahlberg as Billy Taggart, an ex-cop barely making ends meet as a private detective. When the mayor (played by Crowe) offers an opportunity to regain his badge and gun, he jumps at the chance. Billy is tasked to spy on the mayor's wife (played by Zeta-Jones), whom he thinks is having an affair that could interfere with his chances for re-election. But when a key player is murdered, Billy realizes he's been double-crossed – and ignites a war with the corrupt politician.

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Shot on location in New York with New Orleans locations doubling for the Big Apple, Broken City is directed by Allen Hughes and also stars Kyle Chandler, Alona Tal, Jeffrey Wright, Natalie Martinez, Michael Beach and Barry Pepper.