Primping with Julianne for 'Safe Haven' Premiere


It's all in the line of work… ET's Rob Marciano engages in a little "investigative journalism" to see what it takes for a beautiful star such as Julianne Hough to get ready for a big Hollywood premiere! Watch the exclusive video as Rob and Julianne primp and prep for theSafe Haven premiere during the day at the Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood.

Pics: Star Sightings

Julianne made it a family affair, inviting her mom Marriann Nelson, stepmom Debra Hough, and three sisters Sharee Wise, Marabeth Poole and Katherine Phillips along to get beauty treatments before she slipped into her stunning Alberta Ferretti gown for the red-carpet premiere at Hollywood's famed Chinese Theater.

Julianne engages in some girl talk while they all get ready. Asked if her sisters approve of boyfriend Ryan Seacrest, she replies, "Of course they like him! I mean, if they didn't like him I wouldn't be with him. … Honestly, everybody wants us to get married."

Video: Josh & Julianne Gush Over Each Other at 'Safe Haven' Premiere

Watch the vid for more, including Julianne's own camera coverage of the premiere, in which she reveals why she's quite the trooper. Co-starring Josh Duhamel, the romantic drama Safe Haven arrives in theaters on Valentine's Day.